35 questions for my 35th

What happens to our love when we die?
Why are we so flawed?
Is peace possible on earth?
How do we re-program society?
Who will survive 2020?

Why does love hurt?
Are we born with a purpose?
Is non-attachment possible?
Do I deserve this?
Do I deserve even more?

Is time speeding up?
How do I find more time?
Where do I find more patience?
Where do I find my best self?
How does one make space for real change?

What do we do now?
When will we feel safe again?
When are we going to hug again?
Will we share a drink again?
Have we ever been in anything like this together?

What consumes us more–hiding or being seen?
Is it possible to get our connection needs met without social media?
Should I delete the Instagram and Facebook apps from my phone?
How do I balance creation with consumption?
How do we keep dancing?

How do I get more writing done?
Have I found my voice yet?
Where do I find focus?
Do I have what it takes?
How do I know I’m on the right path?

How did I make these exquisite children?
Did they choose me?
How do I become a better mother?
How do I teach them what I don’t know myself?
Is everything going to be okay?

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